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Bring data to life as interactive live updating charts

Store your big data on the most secure cloud storages for efficient functioning and quick to access data.


Block Storage

In block storage, each individual storage acts as an independent storage drive which is run by the administrator.


Object Storage

It stores your data as objects, unlike the other hierarchical storage options for easy and quick access.


File System

Create an organized file system to access the right information through quick computing cloud storage.


Offline Migration

Store and transfer important data to new subsystems through offline migration. Source: How to Buy Bitcoin Online

Exploring Data
Let us learn more about how the data interacts with the users to make a better approach to accessing information.
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Mainstream interest & attention (various factors & forces)

Learn the basics of cloud computing to understand how data storage and access works today, and how can we improve in making important information easily accessible while making it the most secure data.

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Strategies to Ease Data Migrations

Learn the methods of transferring your data from one subsystem to others in a secure and safe way to prevent any harm to your business information.

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4 Ways to Automagically Get Your Data Into Spreadsheets

Monitoring one’s data is a hassle which is one solution that you need to make sure that you have the right spreadsheet integrations set. All you have to do is to get the right data which allows one to have the data automatically recorded in the excel spreadsheet or google sheet. There are a few steps that you can actually follow, which will allow you to have the right data stored in the spreadsheet.

Manual Input

Manual Input

Try to make sure that you enter your data by hand, which is one of the most common and effective ways you get your data sent in the spreadsheet. This is one method which allows you to get the right interaction where the data is kept. The manual input is better suited to data as it allows one to have the right updates, which allows one to have the focus on their automated real-time method into the spreadsheets.

Third-party tools

There are a variety of services and add ons which allows the tools to be specialised. This is an easy way to get the right your data into you app with the help of the spreadsheet. You can easily opt for Super metrics which can be pulled in the data from the tools which allows you to have a schedule to refresh your data automatically, Blink Reports can be used with the help by importing the data to the Google sheets, Google sheet with google analytics, report builder to help extract your data from adobe to excel.

Import Functions

The functions from the Google sheets allows you to achieve a powerful result without having to write your own script. Google sheet offers many different options which will allow you to have the right variety of sources including XML, HTML, RSS and CSV. This is one of the perfect ways to get you to post blogs and have some tweaks done to the data. There are specific functions that will allow you to scrape the data directly from the web pages, feeds and files. There are also some inbuilt functions which will allow you to have the right market data.



Scripting is a cloud-based scripting language which provides an easy way which ill allows you to take automated tasks from the Google products and other services. This scripting allows you to have the right background run, which will allow you to be automated, which can trigger and have a support model. It is important that you are using the right scripting, which will allow your developers to get the right access to the information while using the right spreadsheet integration


Is There a New Standard for Online Privacy?

The Mercury News reports that Facebook is tracking a user through cookies and selling the information, even after the user has canceled his or her account. CNN reports that mobile phone companies are also tracking each user and selling the information to the highest bidder. Some of the user data on Facebook and through mobile phones being sold include location, surfing activity and videos being watched. That’s why some majority of mobile users have good VPNs installed on their phones. Source: Best VPN for Canadians

As a Facebook and mobile phone user, I find neither of these reports surprising and in fact, I have thought companies were doing this all along. I basically expect all of my information to be sold to other companies and shared across the Internet; it has just become the normal thing these days. At first, when I signed up for Facebook I was very trusting and gave out a lot of my personal information and then over the years, more reports were coming out about privacy concerns. I then limited my information on Facebook so that only friends and family could see what I was writing or what I said, but I still was very worried about privacy concerns. Even if I chose not to share any personal information whatsoever, I knew that I probably was being tracked by cookies and I did not like this at all.

As for my mobile phone, I knew that a lot of my personal information was being shared here as well and sold to anyone willing to pay for it. The only aspect of this I am really worried about is location tracking, because I do not want companies to know where I live based on data being collected and sold. There is not a lot I can do about this, however, since everything is tracked by satellites and cell phone towers, so I guess I have just come to live with this as a fact of life.

Over the years, I have changed a lot about how I present myself online based on a company choosing to sell my information to the highest bidder. I often use a fake name, fake phone number and fake address when I can get away with it, especially for a website I do not use very often. It is really sad that I have to resort to using fake information just so that I do not get spam in my email inbox or calls on my home phone. I just look at what is going on with Internet privacy and accept that it is what it is, but I will not give my personal information out unless I have to and I know I can trust the website or company.

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